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Connor is back at FratMen doing his second jerk off video. This time he has a bit of hair on his chest and a dark summer tan that seems to have no lines! His lean body with ripped abs and bubble butt looks amazing. His big cock that seems to grow without being touched is nice too! As Connor moves about the FratMen apartment he shows us every inch of his naked body while slowly stroking himself. Like most of the videos, Connor treats us to a shower then moves to a area where he can relax and enjoy himself stroking a load of cum from his throbbing cock that leaves a small pool of cum on his tanned hairy stomach. This guys is so yummy.

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Okay, so Noah Thomas is a little shy at first and seems to enjoy the posing for pictures part of his jerk off video more than the actual jerking off. That’s fine though… the young blond has a great body and nice cock that we get to see plenty of. Once he finally setles into the bed and starts stroking things just get better and better. The camera gets up close for a nice view of his shaved balls ripped abs. Noah’s cumshot is impressive too! The jizz flies from his cock up his chest to splatter on his chin and leaves a trail down his smooth body. These are the kind of jerk offs that everyone wished they had all the time!

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Wow, Boyd is so hot! This blond haired blue eyed beauty has been on Active Duty before and has a lot of very nice comments from members that would be happy to fluff him any time he needs. Dink dug this original jack off video out of the archive last week and put it on the site for all to enjoy. If you think that Boyd’s 6 pack abs look awesome now, wait until you see them covered with his spunk.

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Dustin is a cute young man doing a jerk off video for fun. He takes his time getting undressed and lowers his white briefs to expose his semi hard cock. He begins stroking his growing meat but can’t seem to get it all the way hard. Camera shyness, beginners anxiety, … Who knows? The performance issue becomes mute when he pulls a black butt plug out and begins inserting it up his ass. Dustin is clearly turned on by the toy in his behind and pumps hard and fast to pleasure himself. He is sweating when a stream of jizz flies from his cock to splash across his smooth chest. Sweat and cum on a cute smooth guy. Priceless!

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Simon’s jack off video at Squirtz is pretty much like other amateur jerk vids, … until the cumshot! Simon strips naked and starts rubbing his uncut dick to erection while doing his interview. The recent college graduate has a sexy voice and a bit of a shy side for someone getting naked on video. He shows off his lean body and hairy crack and hole then gets to work stroking his load. Simon doesn’t say that when he cums it is a lot but he should have. This guy has an amazing cum shot! The first few spurts hit the wall behind him as the rest spurts and spurts and spurts. The white sex cream spewing from Simon’s cock as he milks his cock is one of the best I have seen in a while.

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Scott Johnson needs some money as he settles into his new home of San Diego. He is a bisexual boy that doesn’t mind getting naked and showing off his smooth body and dick. After some pictures to get comfortable, Scott leans back on a futon, spits on his hand, and strokes a load for his and our enjoyment.

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Jordan is a 23 year old bisexual southern boy. He is doing his first (and hopefully not last) video for Southern Strokes. Jordan has a semi hairy chest that contrasts with his shaved pubes. It doesn’t take long for this horny young man to be fully hard once he starts stroking his 6.5 inch dick. He really gets into it when his free hand moves down to finger his hairy ass and rub his balls.

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